At North Coast Harmony, we are passionate about what we do. Yes, we laugh a lot (and eat a ton of cake!), but each of us are also committed to supporting our vision and working hard to be the best we can be. Our vision is

To teach, perform and promote women’s a cappella singing.

To this aim, our goal is to regularly perform at events within our communities.

To enable us to achieve this goal we strive to produce a standard of performance that is pleasing to listen to, and appealing to watch.

This is achieved by –

Teaching singers, both experienced and inexperienced, how to achieve, maintain, develop and implement -

  • Vocal accuracy

  • Technical skill

  • Dynamic performance

Promoting -

  • Shared and individual responsibility for the success of chorus

  • A good work ethic from singers and leaders

  • Trust

  • Social cohesion

  • Personal growth and progression

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