Do you -

  • Love to sing?

  • Hear music, and can’t help but join in?

  • Want to learn how to develop your vocal skills?

  • Want to work at being the best you can be, and know that you'll have to practice?

  • Want to give your very best at every rehearsal and event?

  • Want to listen to and act on the guidance and teaching given by chorus leaders?

  • Value being part of a team?

  • Understand that each singer has a part to play in ensuring chorus is successful?

  • Understand that there is no place for criticism or judgement at chorus?

If the answer is yes, we’re always looking for women to join the group, so why not give it a go? All the skills you need to learn to sing you'll gain each week in a welcoming, supportive and friendly environment, with likeminded women. 


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Not only is it sociable and fun, many experts and studies agree there is a benefit to you physically and psychologically; it’s an easy aerobic exercise, benefiting your heart and lungs. It’s also been shown to help your body release natural chemicals that promote happiness, and reduce anxiety and stress.

There is a little homework, but nothing too difficult; just learning the notes and words for songs with recordings we provide (a little like learning a song you've heard on the radio), and implementing techniques that you’ve been taught with the group to develop and get the very best from your voice. Then, at our rehearsals, we put all the harmony parts together and craft the songs in to beautiful pieces of music that we love to sing, and people enjoy listening to.


You'll be provided with all the resources, help and support you need, and as we teach by ear you don't need to be able to read sheet music or have done anything like this before; the only requirements are that you’re 16 or over, love to sing and are willing, with our Directors help, to work at finding and developing your ‘best voice’.

“How do I get involved?” we hear you ask. It’s simple really; get in touch and then just come along!

 "What do I need to bring?" You, and a smile! There’s not much that’s needed really. A bottle of water (room temperature, not cold), to help keep your vocal cords hydrated, and clothes that are comfortable and don’t restrict your lungs or diaphragm would be helpful too – perhaps leave the whalebone corsets at home for the evening!