Siân is our Musical Director. She began directing choruses in 2009, and is a member of the Association of British Choral Directors. As a singer, she’s a Bass (Second Alto), but as our M.D., she also gets to sing all the other parts when we need her to. Prior to directing, Siân was a member of an award-winning chorus, with whom she’s competed nationally and internationally. Siân has also been a member of a number of nationally competing quartets, winning various awards and accolades, including five awards and a gold medal for a single performance in 2011. She’s also a LABBS Queen of Harmony.

In her spare time, she coaches quartets, is a solo vocalist and guitarist, and is currently learning to play the saxophone.

Fun Fact: As a child, Siân took part in competitive Dressage to Music.

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Mel, Roz, Meg, Liz and Siân

Mel is our Assistant Musical Director. She’s a Bass (Second Alto), singing the lowest part in our pieces, and is our Bass Section Leader. She also sometimes sings the next part up, Baritone (First Alto), and occasionally sings even further up as a Lead (Second Soprano). Mel has been working with choruses since 2009. As a member of The Association of Teachers of Singing, she’s also our guru for notation and vocal technique, and is passionate about the physics of sound as it relates to voice.

Mel has grades in ballet, tap and contemporary dance, making her our ‘go to’ for rhythm and the occasional dance move!

In her spare time, Mel likes to get involved with other non-music community groups and projects. She’s also an occasional amateur photographer.

Fun Fact: Mel went to night-school to learn silversmithing.

Liz is a Tenor (First Soprano), singing the highest part in our pieces, and is our Tenor Section Leader. Liz is an accomplished flugelhorn player, and has 10 years’ experience in Am-Dram. She’s also an accountant, which of course means she’s our Treasurer!

In her spare time, Liz helps to milk cows and deliver lambs - she’s a farmer’s wife!

Fun Fact: Liz used to pull anchor in a Young Farmers tug-o-war team.

Roz is a Lead (Second Soprano), and is our Lead Section Leader. She also plays clarinet, and has about 20 years’ experience as a solo vocalist and chorister.

In her spare time, Roz is a felter.

Fun Fact: Roz speaks Schwyzerdütsch.

Meg is a Baritone (First Alto), the youngest member of our team, and is our Baritone Section Leader. Meg has been singing as a solo vocalist and guitarist since the tender age of 12, and has previously been a member of two youth choirs and a jazz band. She also plays classical guitar, and will be leaving us for Bristol in Autumn 2020 to study Music.

In her spare time... Meg doesn’t have any! She’s busy studying for her A Levels.

Fun Fact: Meg provided the vocals for an Action for Children promotional video.



Together, Siân, Mel, Liz and Roz are also The Quartet With No Name, who perform regularly in our community, with Meg standing in from time to time as needed.