Our Vision

At North Coast Harmony, we are passionate about what we do. We love to sing, and we love where we live; community is really important to us. With those values in mind, we have principles that underpin everything we do:


  • To perform, promote and teach women’s singing within our community, both local to where we’re based, and our wider community across Cornwall.

  • To operate ‘not for profit’.


North Coast Harmony takes singing in to our communities, be that at pop up singouts (think busking without collecting money), being involved in community events such as Christmas light switch ons or charity events, singing with local primary school children, or giving informative interactive talks and performances to local groups.

Although we do sometimes perform at private events, community events make up the majority of our performances; we are ambassadors for a cappella harmony and community singing, and we want others to benefit from it as much as we do. That might be through the enjoyment gained by listening to us perform, or it might be by helping other organisations to fundraise. Perhaps it’s by learning a song with us, or maybe even by inspiring would-be singers to embark on their own musical journey!

Although we are always happy to accept payment, we perform for free at community events or events that aim to raise money for local charities and ‘not for profit’ groups. Instead, we prefer to just accept donations, of whatever is affordable, should the organiser wish to make one.


Our ethos is that singing should be for all, to listen to or participate in. If you’d like us to perform at your event, please contact us. If you’d like to join a singing group, please see our list of local groups.

Siân and Mel also offer individual or group teaching sessions.

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