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Can we do it? Yes we can!

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

I had anticipated that I’d be blogging regularly, but y’know… busy, busy, busy!!!

So, what’s been happening…

Five weeks ago, a local chap walked into our session one evening with a question ‘Do you want to sing at Boscastle's Beer and Music festival?’ Yeah, course we do!!

Actually, it didn’t quite go like that…

Following the question, there were a lot of very nervous looking faces. Should we do it? Can we do it?

Being a chorus that’s very much led by what our ladies want to do, we threw the question open.

Again, more nervous faces. These ladies were inexperienced, and most had never sung before coming to us, let alone performed.

North Coast Harmony, Boscastle Beer and Music Festival
Boscastle Beer and Music Festival's listing - our first!

So, ‘What does it entail?’ our ladies wanted to know. Put simply, find some songs, work out what to wear, and then practice. Lots and lots of practice. Repetitive practice, followed by more repetitive practice. We didn’t yet have a fully formed repertoire… actually, we only had 3 incomplete songs. No chance of filling the hour we’d been asked to do. But, this being our home turf, it seemed like an opportunity not to be missed, and so we agreed to fill 15 minutes with our 3 songs, and some short, fun pieces we’d been using as warm up exercises. Then it went on the festival's Facebook listing, and there was no backing out!!

North Coast Harmony, Mel Baber, scarves, turquoise, ironing
Mel complaining, sorry, ironing!

And so it began. We practiced, and we practiced, and we practiced, and we practiced. We decided on an outfit - black with turquoise scarves (which Mel ironed, all of them, and complained endlessly about, but did it anyway!). And then we practiced some more. And four and a half weeks later, we were all absolutely bored senseless, and sick to the back teeth of singing the same pieces, over and over and over again, but we kept at it, and kept on getting better.

And then the big day came.

Despite nerves, worries and ‘am I good enough, do I know my notes, what if I make a mistake?’ questions, they did it. They walked out in front of a circus tent full of people and they sang.

(and then we went to the pub – but that’s a blog for another day!)

North Coast Harmony, Boscastle Beer and Music Festival
Celebrating the success of our debut performance.

I am completely in awe of these fabulous women; how they rose to the challenge, how they worked so hard, at short notice, to pull this off; how they found their confidence and sung their hearts out. I genuinely could not have been prouder of them.

We met last night for our first session following our big debut, and it really feels like we've turned a corner, and they're like a different chorus. They’re confident, they're upbeat, they’re committed, they’re working harder than ever and they sound great. These ladies have bonded and you can hear it.

So, what next?

Well, we were set up as a ‘just for fun, but we’ll see what the ladies want to do’ chorus… as of last night, we are officially a performing chorus. The buzz and pull of the stage has got under their skin and they want more.

Bring it on, I say!!

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