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Happy New Year!

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Happy New Year!!

Christmas flew by for us at NCH. We learned some carols, there was cake, we went out for Christmas dinner, and we sang in The Welly. The plan was to sing around out local Christmas tree, but Cornish weather doing what Cornish weather does, we got rained off, hence the pub singing!

North Coast Harmony, Christmas Cake
This is us - in icing! Cake by Mum, singers by Mel

It’s been a fab 2017 for us. We’ve gone from strength to strength since we started in May, and we’re continuing to welcome ladies from across North Cornwall. Our Tuesdays are filled with song, and we’re really enjoying getting our teeth into some really fun vocal exercises and medleys, current favourites being ‘I’m Gonna Sing’ which is sung over the top of ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’ and ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’ (yes, we sing 3 songs at the same time! It sounds beautiful!), and a similar arrangement with ‘Wade in the Water’.

The New Year has brought us two new songs, ’The White Rose’ and ‘Titanium’, which we’ve added to our small but expanding repertoire. Our approach to song choices is to keep it varied and get ladies to vote on potential new songs – there is absolutely never ever any cheating (and yet we had more votes than members on the last go… Can’t imagine how that happened!!). During the coming months, we’re planning to make a start on a Queen medley which was our most recent vote winner.

On top of all that singing, we drink tea and do a lot of laughing, and I mean A LOT of laughing!

Tuesday evenings have definitely become the highlight of our week!

It’s been heart-warming too, for us to watch the ladies grow over the months, not only in developing their voices and vocal skills, but also in confidence. There is something about singing, especially in a group of supportive, likeminded ladies, that can be incredibly empowering. For some, the confidence, and increase in self-esteem that can come from singing, can be a powerful thing. There’s also been a ton of studies done on the benefits of singing, both physical and psychological; it really is (for me anyway!), one of the very best ways to feel great.

Did I mention we also drink tea and laugh a lot?

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