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The tools you already have

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

2 weeks in, and I’m feeling a lot more settled now!

The ladies did absolutely fantastic again this week, have clearly worked hard at home to learn the songs, and sounded great when we put all the harmony parts together. They can get through two songs in three part harmony after only starting their journey 8 days previously. To say I’m proud of their achievements is an understatement!

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No notes here!

One thing that did come up a few times though… why don’t we work with sheet music?

The short answer is because we don’t need to. I teach, and the ladies learn, by ear.

“Now why would you do that?” I hear you ask.

The answer is simple: I want to be inclusive.

Your natural, beautiful singing voice is a gift that should be used, and heard. Your lack of experience, or musical knowledge, should not be a barrier to that. For most ladies, if I say this piece is written in the key of F, or that squiggle is a crotchet rest, or that dot there is an A, they aren’t going to have the faintest idea what I mean. Why should they? And why should that stop them from singing?

Especially when they already have the tools to learn to sing well.

And what are those tools?

Ears! All of us have a pair that are able to differentiate pitch and comprehend rhythm, and if you can hear it, you can sing it. OK, so not everyone is lucky enough to have perfect pitch, but you can learn to sing accurately and competently.

North Coast Harmony, Megan Baber, listen, learn by ear, music, earphones, earbuds.
If you can hear it, you can learn to sing it.

Who hasn’t learned a song from the radio or a CD or an MP3? Not many of us. And that’s exactly how I teach because it’s the most accessible and effective way to teach the majority of ladies who cannot read music. And there are loads of you; aspiring singers, who feel it, sing it, love it, but are put off joining a group using traditional teaching methods because they feel intimidated by the theory side, and don’t know what all the dots and squiggles mean.

I’m passionate about there being another option.

I’m proud to say I’m a Natural Voice Practitioner. I believe that singing should be a positive experience, carried out in a friendly and fun environment, where it can be enjoyed, regardless of ability, experience or expertise. I will always welcome any lady who wants to join and will never ask anyone to audition to be a member. I do my utmost to help ladies find their best voice and to develop their vocal skills in a supportive way without criticism or judgement. I always use easy to understand language that is, as much as possible, free from technical wording and jargon. And when that’s not possible, I make sure I give clear explanations.

This is what I do.

And I know that when ladies trust in the tools they already have, when they relax, when they are supported by teachers like me who don’t expect them to know what a semibreve is, and when they work hard, they grow in confidence, and produce beautiful, beautiful music

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