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We did it!!!

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Well!!!! Our first night was 3 days ago, and it was a ROARING success! But what a week we had leading up to it...

It involved panicking, then panicking some more. And then a little more panicking followed by, um, more panicking.

North Coast Harmony, panic, frantic, worry
Feeling a bit frantic!

OK, so we were prepared. Advertising - check. Teaching plan written - check. Sign in sheets - check. Info leaflets - check. Sticky name labels - check. Exercise song books printed and stapled - check. Song lyrics printed - check. Songs recorded in 3 part harmony to use as learning tracks - check. MP3's of songs created and uploaded to MP3 players - check. 3 x guitar amps and cables - check. Tea and coffee bought - check. Everything else you could possibly imagine, begged, borrowed, stolen (not really!), made, bought and packed - check.



The 3 hours prior to starting were, well, there are no words. Do I cry? Laugh? Visit the toilet every three minutes? Start smoking? Vodka? Valium??

And then we got there, set up... and 38 ladies turned up.

We got through the exercises and songs, we made mistakes, we laughed, and we sang. And it was wonderful!

There was a little bit of an issue with the MP3 players and amps though... how DO you teach a song, in 3 part harmony, to a brand new chorus you've never met before, without it getting boring and 2 parts waiting while you teach a passage to the 3rd part? You record it, stick it on MP3 players and then split them off in to groups to learn it for 15 minutes. It certainly wasn't the best way to teach them by a mile, but the ladies coped, and were able to sing through the first half of the song by the end of the night. Thankfully, we'll never have to do that again; we know who they are now, and what their email addresses are, so songs are all sent out to learn at home.

North Coast Harmony, Success, Champagne
We did it! Yay! Go us!!!

The end of the night brought with it a ton of positive comments, and the last couple of days have seen numerous messages on email and our Facebook page saying what a great night it was and how much ladies are looking forward to next week.

So roll on next Monday, I cannot wait to see all you wonderful ladies again, and get stuck in to the job of creating beautiful harmonies with you.

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