We think singing with us is the very best thing you can do on a Tuesday evening,
but don't just take our word for it...

Thank you, it's the best thing that I've done in ages. I am sorry to be missing it next week and I've even contemplated flying back from Spain early, lol!


Can I just thank you and the girls for welcoming me so warmly. I really feel I belong already!

Best night of the week!!!

Thank you Siân and Mel, what a great night, really enjoyed the evening. Here's to many more! Well done to you both for putting together North Coast Harmony.

I had the best time in ages and can't wait until next Tuesday!

You're a great teacher Siân. Anyone can learn anything if the person in the hot seat inspires them! You and Mel are doing a fabulous job.  The ladies in the room (including me!) are clearly having the time of their life!

I am loving Tuesday evenings…Great fan of the way you teach us.

I am really enjoying Tuesday nights and wanted to tell you I think you are both brilliant teachers!

​Thank you for an excellent evening...I really enjoyed it and felt on a high when I got home. Well done!!

I never thought I could sing, but my husband recognised that my voice is already more tuneful! And singing is increasing my self-confidence .Thank you.

Many thanks to you both for giving up your time to teach us how to sing. We've having such enjoyable evenings with you.

Another great evening. Looking forward to next week!

You deserve a medal for all the hours you both put in…not just a Tuesday night!

I really enjoy this fresh approach to learning – thanks.

I'm really enjoying it and learning so much.


I am really enjoying singing again and it is absolute pleasure to work with you both and meet other likeminded women.

Thanks Siân for always praising us, it makes a great difference.

Thank you it was a great night!